Commitment to Preaching

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Those who attended the 5th annual Tyndale Preaching conference Friday March 22 were treated to the teaching of Dr. Jeffery Arthurs as he provided practical and applicable advice on the subject of the diversity of preaching from different genres.  In his gracious and engaging way, participants heard how different types of scripture can and ought to be preached in the local congregation.  He encouraged participants to engage their audiences through the use of different literary and presentational techniques such as utilizing music, humour, stories, and matching the emotion of your words to your non-verbal communication.   Dr. Arthurs taught participants through clear examples and interactive discussion.  “Why is a Letter not a Parable” was an informative subject both for those who have been preaching in their local churches and students who are still in the education stages of their pastoral careers. 

Dr. Fred. Penney, the event’s organizers tells us that equipping pastors is his motivation in organizing this event.  Dr. Penney says “It’s a time to express our collegiality and common commitment to the preaching of the gospel and affirm pastors and honour them in the valuable work they do.”

From the response of the participants this goal was clearly reached.  DMin student Judy Shierman came to the event “looking for encouragement to continue and for ways to improve” her preaching so that her congregation can relate, and when asked if her expectations were met her response was an emphatic “OH YES!”

As a Seminary student Ben Greslik (MDiv) appreciated the detail with the specific application of genre to some styles. Though he is not currently preaching regularly, he is confident that the content of this conference will provide “food for thought for the future”.  Dr. Penney says “Preaching is the core of what the church does, we should spend time dialoguing and being exposed to good teaching and good books. “

The event was well attended at fifty participants, yet Dr. Penney believes there is value to every pastor.  He encourages all pastors to "invest in something that is core, not peripheral to your ministry.  Come and be among like-minded people."


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