Community On and Off the Ice

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mackenzie Langford [BA Business Administration] strives to make the ice rink more than just a place where his team goes to exercise or to win. As the captain of the Tyndale Guardian’s men’s hockey team for the past two years, his priority is building a strong sense of community.

Photo by Katie McKay

“Being a part of a team forces you to communicate with people in a way that takes you outside your own normal,” says Mackenzie. “For me, that means looking at my position as a way of connecting with people and building relationships.”

This year’s team includes several new players, many in their first year of study at Tyndale. Some have been involved in the sport for years, and others are icing up their skates after some time away.

“It’s cool to see the first years come in and they know nobody. They can either choose to dive into the culture at Tyndale, or they can choose to be reserved,” says Mackenzie.

“It’s interesting to watch the people who say, ‘This might be uncomfortable, but I’m going to go for it.’ You see them walking the hallways with confidence because they made it through that tough time of putting themselves out there. They challenged themselves to find out what it means for them to be at Tyndale and what it means to grow.”

Besides developing strong friendships with one another, the team explores hockey as a means of growing in their relationship with God.

Photo by Katie McKay“People ask me, ‘Do you pray before a game so you will win?’ I always laugh at that,” says Mackenzie. “For me, it’s about partnering with God and asking him to use our abilities the best way we can and demonstrate the best character we can. I think you can worship God in the way you speak with referees and with the other team, and even in the way you hold yourself as a person while wearing the jersey.”

This season the Guardians have played five games in total, including a match against long-time friendly rivals Redeemer University College. They will host a tournament in Thornhill at the end of the month. 

The Tyndale community is always welcome to come and cheer on the team. For information on games and tournaments, visit the Tyndale Guardians Facebook page, or students can also check the Tyndale App.

Photos courtesy of Katie McKay


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