Congratulations, Class of 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

The 2014 graduation ceremonies represent a significant milestone for Tyndale University College as we award degrees to the largest graduating student body in our 120-year history. After countless hours of study, these students will receive the reward for all their hard work: Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business, English, Psychology, Human Services, Philosophy and Biblical and Theological Studies, while others will receive focused undergraduate ministry degrees.

Since its accreditation by the government of Ontario in 2003, Tyndale University College has been committed to providing a quality undergraduate education for students who want to learn how to think analytically in a community where academics are interwoven with faith. Tyndale’s vision is to launch graduates who can thrive in the workplace, graduate schools and professions of service and ministry because of the foundations they have built at Tyndale.

“My time at Tyndale has been amazing,” says Justin Bodiam [BA 2014]. “It has stretched my own views and has done everything and more than I expected my university education to do. Now that I’m graduating, I can see how I need to keep on learning, and I’ve really appreciated my Tyndale professors showing me how to learn.”

Greg Drummond [MDiv 2014] plans to take a missional approach to his career as a pastor. His time at Tyndale Seminary has been a transformative journey that has not only equipped him academically, but also to minister to people with his full God-given potential.

“Graduation represents for me a confirmation from both the Lord and Tyndale that I truly have been shaped and reshaped for the ministry I am called to,” he says. “What was once training has become my life and I naturally share and teach it to others. It is my way of life.”

This year, Tyndale University College & Seminary will award degrees to a total of 219 students; 112 undergraduate students and 107 seminary students. The undergraduate graduation ceremony took place on May 3 at the Bayview campus, and the seminary graduation ceremony will take place on May 10 at Bayview Glen Church.


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