Difficult Issues In The Church Today

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Earlier this year Tyndale held an information session on the internet, sex addiction and the growing problem of child pornography for the church. The event included people from various vocations such as Tyndale students, counsellors and people who have worked with sexual offenders.  Dr. Paul Scuse, Assistant Professor of Counselling, began the seminar with an exercise which asked the approximately 25 attendees to pair up and answer questions on sexuality. The questions focused on the taboo issue of sexuality in the family and in the church such as, “Was sexuality spoken about in your family?” 

The information session focused on addictions such as pornography and how like any addiction it draws us away from God. The internet has aided this growing problem as it provides easy access to such images. The internet also separates us from the world and reality.

Aileen Yu said that she had heard ordained minister and certified sex therapist Dr. Scuse preach. He had mentioned pornography and the church and the issue interested her—especially since it has become a big issue in the church.  She stated that she wanted to know how to protect her baby in the future from the internet. Additionally, she stated that the conference would hopefully benefit her as a marriage and family therapist and how to aid people dealing with these addictions.

Arleen Gomez, a student in the counselling program said that she went to get equipped. The seminar made her think about her future ministry that could possibly lead to counselling ex-sexual offenders.


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