Dr. Brian C. Stiller Appointed President Emeritus

For Immediate Release

Monday, June 20, 2011

Tyndale University College & Seminary’s Board of Governors honours Dr. Brian C. Stiller for his many years of dedicated service with the appointment as President Emeritus while he transitions to his new role as Global Ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). As president Dr. Stiller has contributed to the many successes of Tyndale, including steering the school from insolvency in 1995 through 16 years of financial viability. He was successful in realizing the vision of Tyndale becoming a university in 2003 and initiating the purchase of the Bayview campus in 2006. Dr. Stiller led a campaign that raised $52 million dollars; $44 million for the Uncommon Ground capital campaign and $8 million for endowed chairs with the help of Tim Hearn, the chair of the campaign and the campaign cabinet. Dr. Stiller leaves a legacy of a growing, financially healthy university college and seminary that will be consolidating its operations onto the new 56 acre Bayview campus in 2013.

Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary states, “Brian Stiller’s leadership secured the present and pointed the way to the future. I am honoured to follow him and build upon the strong foundation which he laid for Tyndale and its leadership.”

On May 31, 2011, Dr. Stiller was appointed as Global Ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA). In this newly-created role, Dr. Stiller will assist the WEA Secretary General in engaging with other world bodies, both Christian and secular, ranging from the Vatican, the World Council of Churches and international forums such as the United Nations. This appointment will begin July 1, 2011, for a term of five years.

“We are pleased that Dr. Brian Stiller, as President Emeritus, will continue to serve as an advocate for Tyndale,” affirms Mr. Steven Holmes, Chair of the Board of Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Tyndale thanks Dr. Stiller for the work he has done at Tyndale and congratulates him on the work he will be doing for the World Evangelical Alliance.

Tyndale is a Christian university college and seminary that prepares leaders for the ministry, marketplace and global mission of the Church. Tyndale offers fully accredited programs in a wide range of disciplines at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate students may study towards a BEd, BA, and BRE degree or a certificate in Christian Studies. Graduate-level education includes a doctor of ministry degree; master's degrees in divinity, theological studies or theology; and a graduate diploma in Christian Studies, Missions or Spiritual Formation. Currently, there are almost 1,300 students representing over 40 denominations and 60 ethnic backgrounds and 9,500 alumni. Founded in 1894, Tyndale is strategically positioned in Toronto.


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