Dr. Karen Wang Receives Award for Community Work

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Dr. Karen WangDr. Karen Wang, psychiatric consultant with Tyndale Counselling Services, was recently awarded the Child and Youth Mental Health Community Experience Award as a graduating student of the University of Toronto Department of Psychiatry. This award recognizes her involvement in the design and delivery of mental health support programs for Tyndale students and for families from the larger community, as well as her ongoing investment in training for campus-based mental health practitioners.

In announcing this remarkable accomplishment, Sheila Stevens, Director of Tyndale Counselling Services, affirmed, “Dr. Wang is exceptional in every way. Her patient care is compassionate, insightful, motivational and effective.” Dr. Wang’s involvement in professional development training for health care practitioners demonstrates her commitment to ensuring best practice in the field of Canadian mental health care and professional skills development for therapists.

Dr. Wang will continue to work with students and community clients this Fall through Tyndale Counselling Services (www.tyndale.ca/counselling) and the Family Life Centre (www.tyndaleflc.ca) while completing a subspecialty in child and adolescent psychiatry. Dr. Wang is also available to receive referrals from local medical practitioners and can be reached at psychiatry [at] tyndale [dot] ca.


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