Dr. Kent Edwards receives Distinguished Alumnus Award

Friday, October 10, 2014

On September 27, at the 120th Anniversary Celebration Chapel, Dr. Kent Edwards received the Distinguished Alumnus Award.

Dr. Edwards is the tenured Professor of Preaching & Leadership at Talbot School of Theology/Biola University, the founding pastor of Oasis Community Church in Yorba Linda, California, and president of CrossTalk Global. He is known for his passion for preaching, and brings over 30 years of Christian leadership experience, both as a senior pastor and a church planter. He regularly speaks and lectures at both national and international conferences.

Dr. Edwards’ ambition is to change people’s lives with the Word of God and equip others to do the same. “Our job is disciple-making,” he said to the Tyndale community during chapel, “to form people of humanity, people of influence.” He drew from the Sermon on the Mount and explained that Tyndale students must be trained to be salt of the earth, trained “to go into every aspect of society and to be agents of righteousness in all different kinds of professions. Not just pastoral ministry, but in every profession. That is what it means to be salt and light.”

“Salt of the earth is meant to preserve the world,” Dr. Edwards explained. He challenged Tyndale to send its graduates into all parts of society. “Wherever you see that Satan seems to be winning, we need to send Christians in. [Those areas] need salt.” The transformation must not only be moral. God has called Tyndale students to have the confidence to transform the world morally and spiritually, to be both salt and light.

This is what Tyndale was founded to do. And, Dr. Edwards says happily, “Tyndale has not forgotten its roots.”

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