Dr. Sophia Kusyk Appointed New Van Norman Chair of Business

By Tyndale Communications  /  Tuesday, January 30, 2024

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The career path that Dr. Sophia Kusyk took to become Tyndale University’s newly appointed Van Norman Chair of Business could be considered out of the ordinary, but she doesn’t see it that way.

“Perhaps it is an unconventional career path,” she says of her stint as a medic in the 1st Hussars Canadian Reserves before beginning her business studies. “However, it reflects my underlying character. The main thread is my passion for healing a broken world and working towards human flourishing. Both disciplines require courage, a spirit of adventure, resilience in the face of adversity, and a sincere desire to make a positive impact on humanity. It highlights the interconnectedness of seemingly distinct fields when approached with a shared commitment to improving the human condition.”

Dr. Kusyk arrived at Tyndale in July 2023, saying the school’s “distinctive character rooted in Christian principles and values attracted me to embark on a journey where I felt I could be part of building Canada’s Christian business landscape.”

“My vision for Tyndale's new BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) program is rooted in a commitment to cultivating Christian leaders who will redeem the business marketplace,” she says. “The redemptive mindset differs from a secular ‘responsibility’ point of view, in that it goes beyond being ethical, towards holistic restoration of the whole person and business practices.”

“Ultimately, I aspire for our BBA graduates to not only discover their vocation, and to excel in their chosen careers, but also to be compassionate, redemptive leaders who change the business place for Christ,” she says. “They should leave equipped with a desire to heal a broken world through business, with the skills needed to succeed in every organization where God is calling them to serve.”

“This calling extends beyond traditional boundaries, encompassing every facet of society, including what we refer to as ‘the market mission place,’” Dr. Kusyk says, adding,

“In this realm, business becomes a conduit for healing and redemption, a platform to bring about positive change that aligns with God's vision for a more God-glorifying world.”

— Dr. Sophia Kusyk

Besides her teaching roles, Dr. Kusyk is also a co-author of the sixth edition of Business Ethics in Canada: Responsibility, Equity and Sustainability, forthcoming from McGraw Hill this February.

“This edition stands out for its original offering of a ground-up approach—as opposed to a Canadian edition of a U.S.-based book—of a comprehensive exploration of business ethics within the Canadian context,” she says, adding that the new edition “serves as a vital resource for students and educators alike, offering an exploration of the ethical dimensions of business dilemmas and decision-making within the Canadian context.”

“We are very excited about Dr. Kusyk joining Tyndale,” says Paul Franks, Vice-President Academic, and Dean of Undergraduate Studies. “Beginning in her first semester, we already saw how her experiences and training will help build our business program. In addition to launching a special speaker series that brings industry leaders to campus to meet with our students, she’s also already started a review of the curriculum to ensure that our courses are delivering exactly what the market is looking for from recent business graduates.

“I am so thankful to the Van Norman family for their generosity in providing the funding that allowed us to hire someone like Dr. Kusyk to lead our business program, and am eager to see how God not only grows the program, but uses those students to advance his kingdom,” he adds.

Besides being appointed as the new Van Norman Chair of Business in July 2023, Dr. Kusyk also serves as Tyndale’s Chair of Business Administration and as an associate professor. She earned an Honours Bachelor of Arts from the Richard Ivey School of Business, London, Ont., in 1999, and a PhD from the ESADE Business School, Universidad Ramon Llull, Barcelona, Spain, in 2008.