Egypt is Free!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dr. Wafik Wahba, Associate Professor of Global Christianity

At 6:00PM Egypt time (11:00 AM EST), February 11, 2011 Egypt was freed from one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes in modern history. As the vice president made the announcement that Mubarak stepped down,
the streets of Egypt erupted in euphoria shouting “Egypt is Free! Egypt is Free!”

The Pharaoh’s government has been turned down by the youthful Revolution
  • The Youth Revolution that was made possible by social media was able to finally end the 30 year rule of Mubarak.
  • Once again Egyptians have shown the world that peaceful revolution can happen.
  • This revolution represented all spectrums of Egyptian society: rich and poor, women and men, Christians and Muslims.
  • Unity between Christians and Muslims was clearly expressed through the last week.
  • This revolution will have significant impact on the whole region and the world.
  • The grip of fear because of police brutality and the regime oppression has been defeated.
  • This afternoon, Egyptian media anchors apologized for being forced to broadcast lies for the last two weeks. A Christian Perspective on the Situation in Egypt.
  • God is a just God who demands his people to do justice and to love mercy.
  • The gap between the very poor and the very rich in Egypt increased drastically during the last 15 years. Extreme poverty where 20 million citizens (out of 80 million) lived on a less than $2 a day while others lived in mansions with several cottages and private jets. The significant disappearance of the middle class represented a formula for unrest.
  • The economical gains (Egypt GDP during the last five to ten years was 5-7% annual gain) benefited mainly the upper class. There were no serious programs to help the poor to move out the cycle of poverty or to improve their living conditions.
  • Very high number of unemployment: 24% among newly graduates.
  • For decades Egyptians lived under oppression, corruption and police brutality. Elections were usually fabricated and freedom of speech suppressed. Voices of oppositions were completely silenced; currently there are more than 10,000 political prisoners.


Christians Surrounding Muslims praying in Tahrir Square

The Power of Prayer
  • One of the largest churches in Egypt is located in Tahrir Square (behind the large governmental building in the picture at the top of this message). In fact that building was built to cover the church from being at the center of the square in the 1950s. For the last six years, prayer meetings focused on God’s intervention to
    change the current situation in Egypt. God answered the prayer from the same square!
  • For the last two weeks the church has been very active in providing services for the wounded, they have supported the poor and those who have been inflicted by the unrest. It also mobilized teams of people to clean the streets from debris.
  • Last Sunday, February 6, 2011, something very unusual took place in Tahrir Square; a group of Christians conducted an open worship service in the square (such activity is absolutely prohibited in Egypt). Christian songs about God blessing the country were sung by Christians and Muslims. Christian pastors and
    Muslim clerks were shown standing hand in hand in Tahrir Square.


Please Pray:
  • For God’s leading during this critical transitional period in the life of Egypt
  • For the next steps as the country moves to choose the next government
  • For a democratic process that truly represents the many voices and the diversity of the Egyptian people.
  • For the moderate voices to be heard in that process
  • For true social, political and economical changes
  • For the Christians and church leaders in this time of change who have extended love and care to all Egyptians during the time of crisis, to the extent that the Imam of the main mosque in Tahrir Square called the Muslim prayers to follow the peaceful example of Isa (Jesus)!


Dr. Wafik Wahba,
Associate Professor of Global Christianity
Tyndale University College & Seminary

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