Encountering Tyndale

Monday, March 11, 2013

"I love that it’s near the city, and through coming here, I know that I love the area. It’s my second Encounter Day and I’m already getting to know people that are super friendly and can tell that it’s a great community." This was the comment of one person who attended a Tyndale Encounter Day last fall. 

Tyndale University College & Seminary regularly holds an event called “Encounter Day.” This is a time when 70–120 prospective students for both the University College and Seminary are able to experience the atmosphere of Tyndale, as well as gain practical information about programs and financial services.

Throughout the day there are tours, Q&A sessions, time to speak to faculty, and a lunch with other prospective students. This experience can be compared to “test driving a car,” where one is able to experience Tyndale, thereby helping the decision process.

One of the main benefits of the Encounter Day experience is the opportunity to sit in on a class. This provides people considering coming to Tyndale a real opportunity to see what their academic experience would be like. Many students are drawn to Tyndale’s Christ-centred classes as described by another prospective student, “The class that I listened in on really stood out, the teacher prayed before class, it was awesome. Also, it has a very accepting atmosphere; good, tight-knit community.”

Along with recommendations from pastors, and the location near downtown Toronto, Tyndale becomes an interesting option for many students. Encounter Days aim to inform on practical elements and help studying at Tyndale become a reality. 


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