Funding your university education

Friday, February 13, 2015

80 per cent of financial aid in Canada is not given away because no one requests it or applies for it. At Tyndale, over 800 students, or 62 per cent of all full- and part-time students, received financial aid in 2013 and 2014. There are many ways to receive financial aid as a Tyndale student, including Tyndale scholarships, bursaries, awards and discounts and external sources such as government grants, loans and awards. The Student Financial Services department is here to help you find the financial aid options that are best suited to you.

Janney, Mark and Aaron, each in their own unique situation, were able to fund their education with the help of Tyndale scholarships and bursaries and government loans. Janney Lock [BA 2014, BEd 2015], previously enrolled in an undergraduate program in Miami, Florida, knew that having a financial plan was very important. Once she applied to study full-time at Tyndale, she found a part-time job and applied for Tyndale scholarships. The Student Financial Services team found opportunities that helped her pay for her education. With their assistance, and the help of generous donors and government loans, Janney received the education she was looking for.

Mark Fisk [BA 2012] wanted a quality education and a place to grow closer to God. He found both at Tyndale. “The financial challenge was worth it to me for the small class sizes, the distinctive and challenging courses, and the faith-based community,” he explained. He started his time at Tyndale determined to be debt free, knowing that removing the burden of debt opens opportunities. With planning, dedication and help from work and family, he was able to reach his goal.

Like Janney, Aaron Westera [MDiv 2014] received significant help from the Student Financial Services department. He filled out one form and the Student Financial Services team did the rest. They helped Aaron plan and finance his education and as a result, almost a third of his education was paid for by Tyndale bursaries and scholarships.

There are many opportunities for Tyndale students to receive financial aid: scholarships, bursaries, sponsorships, student loans and other options. “I encourage students to apply,” says Gary Campbell, Student Financial Resources Coordinator. “It is worth it to apply and spend those five minutes filling out a form.” The Student Financial Services team has years of experience reducing students’ financial burdens. 

For more information on Financial Aid visit their page.
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