Giving thanks for the journey: 2015 Fall Graduation

Friday, November 13, 2015

“Today you are celebrating the things that have brought you to this place,” said Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary, as he looked out into a crowd of beaming graduates and proud family members and guests.

There are so many driving forces that bring a person from the early days as a new student, somewhat unsure of themselves as they pen their first Tyndale paper, to a confident graduate like the ones who filled Tyndale’s chapel on November 7. As the 2015 graduating classes from both the University College and the Seminary gathered together for the Fall Graduation ceremony they were challenged to reflect on the experiences that shaped their Tyndale journey and offer up gratitude to God and those who helped them succeed. 

Janney Lock [BEd] gave the graduating address for the University College. Janney shared moments from her own teaching practicum and encouraged her graduating class, saying, “Our lives are not fulfilling when we are able to teach, but life is fulfilling when we are taught our identity and purpose in this world.”

Teresa McWhirther [MDiv], who gave the Graduating Address for the Seminary offered her own reflection. “We entered this wonderful multicultural world filled with people from many different denominations. People whose expressions of faith are all a little bit different yet it is a world filled with people who all love Jesus and each of the people here are part of the Lord’s plan for us,” she said. “Our hearts have been nurtured by the example of the lives of our professors and others in this place as they authentically lived out their faith in Jesus Christ.”

A memorable moment was when Robert Ian Van Norman and Alice Marie Van Norman received the Honorary Doctorate, presented by Dr. Brian Stiller, former President of Tyndale University College & Seminary. During the conferring of degrees the Tyndale community took a moment to honour a special member of the Tyndale community, graduate Margaret Osei-Baah, who received a posthumous Bachelor of Arts in Human Services – Social Service Work.

The ceremony also included the introduction of Dr. John H. Wilkinson as Tyndale’s 8th Chancellor. Dr. Wilkinson gave the Graduation Address where he encouraged graduates, saying, “Today is an amazing day and it can lead to an amazing tomorrow.”

Watch the Fall Graduation 2015 video.


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