Happy Easter from President Nelson

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Dear Tyndale Community,

We recently had our Convocation Chapel to celebrate Tyndale University College and Tyndale Seminary graduates and their accomplishments. Easter is now upon us. But before that, Good Friday. It’s a strange name, Good Friday, considering what the day really represents.

The CrossIn Luke 22:54, Peter watched from a distance as Jesus was led away to die. Peter, the chief of the disciples, the rock, followed at a “distance.” While Jesus was being beaten and interrogated in the chamber above, Peter cowers around the fire below. Again, at a distance. Like Peter, how often do we follow at a distance?

With Good Friday upon us, there is another use of that word “distance” that is significant. The distance is not the gap between our sin and God’s holiness; it is the distance that is bridged by a God determined to have us.

In Luke’s story of the prodigal son (Luke 15:20), the Father was waiting for the son and when he saw him a long way off, at a distance, he did not wait for a pious confession or contrition. Instead he ran out, bridging the gap and embraced his son.

When we miss our own need for God and the radical change that occurs because of the bridge, we miss everything.

We know the call of the cross, even the way of the cross, is to bridge the distance and come close to God. This is the message of Good Friday, a distance both acknowledged and bridged. It is a call to follow more closely, more intimately, more radically, risking everything for the one who risked everything.

This has been an exciting year at Tyndale full of passion for the educational mission God has placed on us. This is my prayer for you this Easter Season. On Good Friday, take the risk to step closer, go deeper and not remain at a distance. Then on Easter, cherish the reality that you are a Resurrection people and celebrate the life Easter people are called to.


Dr. Gary V. Nelson
President & Vice Chancellor
Tyndale University College
Tyndale Seminary


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