An Historic Moment for Tyndale

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tyndale University College & Seminary officially took possession of its new Bayview Campus on Monday, April 1st. This date is a milestone and is a key step in the consolidation of Tyndale University College & Seminary onto one campus.

Located on Bayview Avenue, south of Steeles, this 56 acre property is the former home of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Toronto. Banners, new signs and flags announced the news that Tyndale had taken possession of the property. To celebrate ‘receiving the keys’, multiple events are taking place throughout the first week of April for students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors.

Tyndale’s President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. Gary V. Nelson sees this new campus as a place to continue building on the vision of Tyndale’s founding fathers. He states, "This is an historic event for Tyndale University College & Seminary. The Bayview Campus is strategic to our ongoing mission. Our dream is that it will provide an environment that enhances academic programs, inspires students to live out their faith and engage with the communities of Toronto."

On Monday, April 1, students, faculty and staff participated in a walk from the Ballyconnor property to the Bayview grounds. The journey symbolized the movement of transitioning from one campus to another. Upon arrival at the new property there was a time of prayer and dedication for the new facility.

"It was very significant and meaningful. It was like a threshold to something big …I am envisioning this to be just the beginning of something even bigger," said Joy Kwai-Pun, second year MDiv student.

The celebration continued on Tuesday, April 2 with a graduation chapel, and the dedication of the campus to God held in the beautiful chapel on the Bayview Campus. A Tyndale alumni reunion was also held on the new campus on the same day with classes from 1988, 1963 and 1952 who toured the new campus. Many alumni remarked on their pleasure of seeing Tyndale’s growth with the beautiful new facilities and how proud they were to be a part of this institution that continues to grow as a place of higher education.

During the rest of the week’s festivities, events for faculty, staff, supporters and alumni will take place. The Tyndale community will be able to view the new spaces before renovations begin to turn the building into a modern facility suitable for the technological and spatial needs of a university.


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