Honouring Rev. John Kao

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“We make a good investment to prepare the hearts of our young people so that the seed of the words of God may grow. We need the testimonies of our young people in the marketplace, and in the government. We want the light of our Lord Jesus Christ to shine brightly in this darkened world.”  Rev. Dr. John Kao (1934 – 2013).

In recognition of Rev. Dr. John Kao’s extraordinary Christian Leadership, passion for global missions and dear friendship, Tyndale University College & Seminary, with the support of the Association of Christian Evangelical Ministries (Canada) (ACEM) and generous donors, is honoured to officially dedicate the John Kao Global Leadership Study Centre.

“We are celebrating the legacy of an incredible Christian leader and his visionary approach to ministry in Toronto and around the world,” says Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary.

Tyndale’s relationship with the late Rev. Kao has been a long-standing one. For over 30 years, Tyndale has been working in close partnerships with Chinese churches. Through much of that time Rev. Kao, founder of ACEM and founding pastor of the Toronto Chinese Community Church (TCCC), was a key catalyst. His support, along with others, made possible the development of a Chinese seminary at Tyndale, which provides teaching and training in Mandarin. Tyndale presented Rev. Kao with an honourary doctorate in recognition of his passion for developing the next generation of leaders.

“Tyndale trains many servants of God who serve in our Chinese churches,” said Rev. Kao. “So the Chinese churches have been growing. Not only [are they trained] as pastors, but also as leaders who work in the marketplace and in various fields of their expertise.”

Rev. Kao’s influence is strongly felt even today. He was integral in church planting in Toronto, where he and his wife Esther partnered with six other families to start the Toronto Chinese Community Church with a five-fold vision: Unity and Love, Discipleship Training, Church Planting, World Missions, and Social Concern. This vision would define a movement that grew into the Association of Christian Evangelical Ministries (Canada)(ACEM), with 12 churches and a Sunday attendance over 8,000.

Throughout his lifetime of ministry, Rev. Kao was greatly respected for living out the biblical model of servanthood, and for his ability to unite pastors and churches. He leaves behind a legacy of passionate global missions and a foundation for the future of multi-cultural leadership.

As a reflection of this great ministry, the John Kao Global Leadership Study Centre is a beautiful and functional addition to the Bayview campus. It is Tyndale’s first 24-hour study centre. This is a space where students share ideas, grow intellectually and spiritually, and can follow the example of leaders like Rev. Kao as they develop a passionate faith of their own.

Listen to the full audio from the dedication celebration and view the photo gallery below.


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