How Faith Fits Into Our Lives

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
You can listen to any of Gary Thomas' Faith Talks 2013 through Tyndale's Chapel Podcasts

Over a period of three seminars through Faith Talks 2013, Gary Thomas, award-winning author and speaker, presented Tyndale with compelling messages concerning the topic of faith. From January 22 – 23, Dr. Thomas used his charismatic and engaging manner of bringing truth to describe the essential nature of faith and how it fits into different areas of our lives, including hardships, relationships and even physical health.

Samuel Aragones, an attendee remarked how “It was good that he brought a certain reality to the conversation about sacrifice, trials and tribulations. He helped me remember that God promises hardship and asks us to carry our cross daily.” Along with this often neglected topic, Gary  addressed the importance of physical exercise and the motives behind it, such as respect for the body versus vanity.

Dr. Thomas is a best-selling author of over ten books on spiritual formation, and has spoken at conferences in six countries. He has the ability to make overlooked truths come alive and become an inspiration to the daily life of the individual.

His words of challenge and encouragement were a reminder of God’s work in the lives of His people bringing fresh perspective to easily disregarded concepts of the Christian faith.  As Gary Thomas spoke, the chapel filled to capacity; many coming due to the recommendation of those who had heard him previously or read his books. Adam Morton, a student explained that “Thomas presented in a captivating manner, engaging the audience with his stories, bringing the concepts to life with humor along with depth; A master speaker.”

You can listen to any of Gary Thomas’ Faith Talks 2013 through Tyndale’s Chapel Podcasts.


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