Integrating the mind and soul

Friday, January 9, 2015

“Education was founded on Christian principles,” says Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President Academic and Dean of Tyndale University College. “Higher education came out of the church, it came out of a desire for education of the mind to be linked to the development of the soul.”

Dr. Smith, with a background in student development and a commitment to higher education and academics, supports the full integration of the mind and soul. He resists society’s compartmentalization in which people are expected to place God and faith in one box and education and learning in another. Christian higher education challenges this view. “It is about how our faith aligns with our cognition and our intellect,” explains Dr. Smith. This is what makes Tyndale university graduates uniquely different.

Tyndale graduates have a clear understanding of vocation and are able to live out their unique calling in the workplace. At Tyndale, students know that wherever they go, they will give unto God fully and completely in a way that brings Him honour. The Christian university “allows the students who pursue a career in education or in business, medicine or ministry, to receive the same training and formation and can be challenged by the same context and culture.”

Dr. Smith knows that at Tyndale, a flame and a passion ignites in the students. This is what the world needs. “It needs passionate Christians that are well-equipped and ready to approach the world in a manner that serves Him best.”


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