Library Services Update

By Tyndale Communications  /  Monday, June 22, 2020

The Campus Reopening & Student Experiences Task Force is continuing its work to make plans for the fall semester and the phased reopening of the campus. As work progresses, a plan that sees some of the William J. Horsey Library staff returning to campus has been implemented.

While the library remains closed to patrons, including students, faculty and staff, the library staff will continue work to increase the digital resources to support remote learning. They will also assist faculty and students with their summer research projects by making the collection available by mail, processing interlibrary loans and making digital resources available.

Additionally, this first step provides opportunity to further refine and develop the plan to provide increased access through the summer and in time for the fall.

This initial return of designated staff is an encouraging glimpse towards reopening the campus. The Task Force continues its work to plan for the student experiences that make a Tyndale education unique. Watch for additional announcements in early July.