Making a Difference through Internship

Friday, April 21, 2017

Kaitlyn with MalawiansKaitlyn Williams enrolled in Tyndale’s Business Administration – International Development program because she always had an interest in humanitarianism. “Every course that I read about fascinated me, but the best part about the entire program for me is the three-month internship in Malawi, Africa! Travelling is something that I have always loved, and living abroad was a lifetime dream for me,” says Kaitlyn.

As part of this experience, students like Kaitlyn moved in with a host Malawian family and worked with non-profit organizations. Kaitlyn interned with World Vision Malawi in their Household Resilience and Livelihoods Department.

Kaitlyn met with women’s groups, farmers, parents, school principals and village chiefs as she gathered success stories across the country. She produced a booklet to showcase the impact of donor support and to inspire the donors to continue to invest in the programs that improve the lives of those struggling in Malawi.

Kaitlyn with MalawiansOne particular village in west Malawi that Kaitlyn visited had been surveyed for health and nutrition. It was found that 16 children in that village were malnourished. In response, World Vision launched a kitchen garden initiative where families were taught how to grow their own vegetables in their backyard. The village was surveyed again a year later, and only one child was found to be malnourished. The villagers were proud of what they had accomplished and have now set a goal to eliminate malnourishment of all the children by next year. When they found out their story was being shared around the world, they were inspired to do more and are hoping to find ways to ensure that their children attend school.

“I have learned a lot about what working in a developing country is like. I have met many wonderful people who are moving themselves out of poverty into a more sustainable lifestyle for their families and a brighter future for their children. I know that this internship has prepared me for a career in international development and has only made me more excited to continue working abroad in my future!”


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