A Memorial for Dr. Donald Leggett

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dr. Donald Leggett, Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Tyndale University College & Seminary, passed away on Saturday March 27th while visiting family in Texas.

Dr. Leggett's teaching career spanned more than 40 years. He was an esteemed and beloved professor whose influence on thousands of students cannot be measured but known to God. Alum from across the years, and around the globe, would name him as a person of singular spiritual influence on their lives and ministries.

The alumni office has been flooded with tributes and eulogies from graduates. Here are a few:

‘I wept when I heard the news. Dr. Leggett will be sadly missed and fondly remembered. His lectures on the Hebrew prophets were the inspiration for my little book Prophetic Voices in an Age of Upheaval published in 2004. He was a deeply spiritual and passionate man of God.’ Dr. Garry E. Milley; grad ‘85
‘I am writing this note with a plethora of mixed emotions. Dr. Leggett was one of my favorite profs at OTS (now Tyndale). I enjoyed his depth, humility and passion for God and people. I smile at the Monday nights he would stay overnight in our dorms upstairs and watch Monday Night Football with us and eat pizza…just one of the guys. He is a great man. He will be missed. Heaven is a richer place.’ Timothy Clayton (Vancouver); grad ‘86
‘He had a great impact on several generations of students. The song by Steve Green "Find us Faithful" comes to mind when I review the legacy Dr. Donald Leggett has modeled in his teaching and life: to be a faithful child of God (King David), faithful spouse (husband/wife) (Boaz & Ruth), faithful son/daughter and a faithful daughter-in-law/ mother-in-law (Ruth & Naomi) and faithful steward to the gifts the Lord has given us (Creation of the World).’ Marilyn Law; grad ‘04

A family memorial service will be on Saturday April 17th at 2:00 pm at Village Green Community Church in London, ON. This service is open to all who desire to attend. Visitation will take place on Friday April 16th from 7:00 – 9:00 pm at Village Green Community Church.

Village Green Community Church
505 Village Green Ave.
London, Ontario
N6J 4G4

A memorial service in memory of Dr. Leggett will be held at Tyndale on Friday April 30th at 7:00 pm in the Van Norman Worship Centre. A light reception will follow the service.

Tyndale University College & Seminary
25 Ballyconnor Court
Toronto, Ontario
M2M 4B3


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