Michael O’Brien lectures at Tyndale

Friday, November 9, 2012

On the evening of Thursday, November 9th, internationally renowned author, essayist and painter Michael O'Brien spoke at Tyndale University College & Seminary about the challenge that Christian artists experience today within the 21st century. In his hour long lecture Mr. O'Brien explained in detail the way in which true art speaks directly to an inner sense; one that is rooted deep within human beings.

The audience made up of Tyndale students, faculty, staff and others listened as Mr. O’Brien, describing the goals of a Christian artist, made clear the ‘poisonous nature’ of secular art where nothing is concrete and the art is based on illusion. As he described, “When one loses their place in the continuity of time they become extremely dependent on the social.” His critique of modern culture made clear the importance of knowing one's worth and their accountability to God instead of man. This is especially true when it comes to creating art, or as Mr. O'Brien described it, “Speaking a word of life into humanity.”

Michael O'Brien has written more than ten novels along with many more non-fiction, articles and short stories. His work has been translated into twelve different languages with many enjoying his unique, accessible storytelling ability. In addition to his success amongst the secular world, he has also gained notoriety within Christian circles for his connection to the divine within his stories.


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