Mosaic Ministry

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Church in Toronto is diverse, containing members from every corner of the globe. Traditional denominational and cultural lines are often blurred and sometimes removed altogether. The challenges facing the global and intercultural church are a daily reality for Toronto churches. Tyndale recently hosted a conference, titled, “Mosaic Minstry: Exploring the New Church,” presenting research gathered by Asbury Theological Seminary on revitalization movements in the global Church. “We were fascinated with working in Toronto because of its mosaic of many ethnic communities,” said Dr. Steven O’Malley, Director of Asbury’s Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements.

Representatives from across Canada and the U.S. investigated solutions and strategies for the issues facing leaders (especially lay leaders) in the intercultural church. A wide variety of topics were covered including: Issues facing the Korean church in North America, globalization & tribalism, developing Christian communities within the Hispanic population in Toronto, how lay leaders are revitalizing the church, and multi-ethnic outreach from a Chinese church perspective.

The Center for the Study of World Christian Revitalization Movements of Asbury Theological Seminary conducted the conference in partnership with Tyndale University College & Seminary, and Richmond Hill Christian Community Church. The consultations were funded by the Henry Luce Foundation and the Beeson Center for Lay Mobilization at Asbury Seminary. 

See the video below for highlights from the Mosaic Ministry Conference:

Mosaic Ministry Conference 2011


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