New Food Services Give Back

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tyndale’s new Head Chef has cooked for the last four American presidents as well as the King and Queen of Greece and other royalty. Chef Wade Hoo Fatt is the Corporate Chef of I.L. Creations (ILC), the company currently managing Tyndale’s campus food services.

ILC is a unique, missions-driven company that seeks to create jobs and give back. One hundred percent of its profits made on campus will support Tyndale students through scholarships. What started out as a small company in Maryland now services over 22 government buildings, including the White House and NASA. In other parts of the world, such as Brazil, ILC has opened fast food restaurants to create jobs and donates its profits to local missions.

As a chef who has worked in several prestigious environments, Chef Wade says his objective is the same everywhere he goes: to satisfy his customers.

“The main thing here on campus is to give back to the students and the community and listen to what their needs are,” he says. “What we have done so far is that we’ve given them a cafeteria where they can expect things that they like - from macaroni and cheese, to different stir fries, to poutine. We are going to try to accommodate anything that’s trend driven for younger people, with healthy options as well.”

He says serving staff at the White House is no different than preparing food for Tyndale students. “You’re serving people who have the same need, which is to have a good meal.”

Now that ILC has been fully operational on campus for a few months, Chef Wade is excited to be offering new menu items. He has already introduced bubble tea as well as Asian cuisine, including Vietnamese coffee, which is similar to a strong espresso with sweetened cream. “For the daily specials, we want to introduce more fun foods,” he says.

Chef Wade is adamant that good food and fellowship often go hand-in-hand. He is helping to plan future events that will give students and the community a chance to connect over delicious snacks and meals, such as a Christmas hot chocolate party.

“Food has a way of bringing people together,” he says. “Not just for sustenance, but for fellowship.”

Chef Wade welcomes your feedback! You can email wade [dot] fatt [at] ilcreations [dot] com or visit him in the cafeteria if you have comments or ideas.


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