On the Road to Bayview

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In anticipation of Tyndale’s move to the Bayview campus in 2013, Tyndale students, faculty, and staff met to discuss values and ideas to consider when renovating the new campus. The Tyndale representatives present at the meetings were eager to voice their thoughts about how the new campus can express the culture of Tyndale and be a place of learning, beauty and community. CS&P Architects, met separately with groups of university college students, seminary students, faculty, and staff to get a sense of the various needs that the new facilities have to meet.

One distinctive of Tyndale communicated by students is the sense of community on campus. They would like to see this sense of community expressed in the planning and renovation of the Bayview campus. Throughout the discussion, the students voiced a desire for gathering places that foster intimacy such as learning commons and lounges. One student described the vibrant atmosphere on campus as, “Informal…So much happens by bumping into one another in the hallways… Learning does not only occur in the classrooms”.

There was a strong desire to “bring the outside in” as students often have long commutes and busy lives and they enjoy experiencing natural beauty on campus. The students noted that the Ballyconnor campus has a beautiful courtyard and green spaces and hoped to see similar spaces preserved and enhanced on the Bayview campus.

The students were excited to discuss the integration of the current architecture and history of the Bayview campus with the character and heritage of Tyndale. Recognizing Tyndale’s desire to play an active role within the community, many students suggested plans which would allow Tyndale to be a welcoming member of the neighborhood. Tyndale’s diverse student body brings a multitude of interests, needs and desires to the discussion; as such, the collaborative planning approach provided the opportunity for many voices to be heard.


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