"One Heart Beat" Unveiled at Tyndale University College & Seminary

Thursday, April 29, 2010

On April 14th, Tyndale University College & Seminary was proud to host the unveiling of the art piece ‘One Heart Beat’ and is honoured to stand with Global Artist and Tyndale Curator William Ho and say “Yes, we are indeed part of the ‘One Heart Beat’ Global movement.”

Along with William Ho himself, City Councillor David Shiner (both pictured right), and about forty faculty members, staff and students gathered together to see the fabric drop to the floor, unveiling the anticipated work. The artist shared his inspiration and the passion behind his artwork, challenging all those in attendance to act out God’s one simple commandment, ‘love thy neighbour.’ “The difference,” said Ho, “between LIVE and LOVE is the ‘I’ for me and ‘O’ for others. We have to learn to care for others, share with others and love one another…May our Living lives be Loving lives as well.”

The ‘One Heart Beat’ painting has become an international symbol of hope, love and peace and is the underlying foundation for the United Nations Millennium Development Goals’ ‘One Heart Beat’ Award Sculpture, which was awarded to Bishop Desmond Tutu in March of 2009.

With 1100 students from over 50 different ethnic backgrounds, it is easy to see how the message of Ho’s ‘One Heart Beat’ and the mission of Tyndale University College & Seminary are interwoven together. Dave Andrews, in his book ‘Not Religion but Love,’ compares Jesus’ prayer and meditation throughout the gospels to a son pressing his ear tight against his father's chest to listen to his heartbeat. Tyndale’s many ‘diversities,’ such as diversity in ethnicity, background, program choice and career goals, have the potential to create gaps and disunity in our learning community. However, like Ho’s painting, Tyndale exists to foster transformation and growth in students so they can, in turn, serve the church and the world. In this way, they can hear God’s heartbeat and have this One Heart Beat become their own.

Be sure to stop by the Van Norman Center of Worship and Study next time you are at Tyndale to see William Ho’s work. For more information, visit www.oneheartbeat.ca.

"Love and Hope make the hearts of us all. Without Hope, we have no Reason to live. Without Love, we have no Reason to live. May you heart beat be strong with God’s Love and Hope. Remember, every time you feel your heart beat, you are still alive; this means you have a mission in your life, a mission to the world, a mission from the Heart. Your Heart should be the same as that of Christ Jesus as Philippians 2:5 has charged all of us", William Ho reminded us.


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