Prof. Joseph Bishay appointed to the board of STAO

Monday, October 17, 2016

Tyndale University College is pleased to announce that Prof. Joseph Bishay, Sessional Lecturer in Biology and Chemistry, has been elected as a member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Science Teacher’s Association of Ontario (STAO). STAO is a highly influential non-profit group dedicated to science education, and advocates for excellence in the development and implementation of the Ontario science curriculum, and supporting educators through professional development and various science resources.

Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President Academic and Dean of the University College, says,

“I am very happy to congratulate Joseph Bishay on his new role with STAO to which he brings a wealth of experience in his field. His exemplary teaching record, commitment to enhancing education and demonstrated passion for engaging with students make him an excellent choice for this position.”

Prof. Bishay specializes in microbiology, molecular genetics and human pathobiology. He has conducted research at The Hospital for Sick Children in the programs of Cancer &  Blood Research, and Developmental Biology, and lectured at the Royal Ontario Museum.  He began his teaching career at George Brown College and is now an instructor at Seneca College and Tyndale.

He is excited about the prospect of effecting change for the benefit of current and future science students in his new role. “I’m able to have my say where I think education in science needs to go and learn from others who are already doing this on the frontlines in elementary schools and high schools,” he says. As a university professor, he can help identify areas of opportunity and determine where there are gaps in terms of the level of understanding science students demonstrate when they arrive at university.

Tyndale has a previously existing connection with STAO through part-time instructor Jocelyn Paas, who also serves on the board as president of STAO.  With professors accounting for two of the six officers of the board, Tyndale now has a significant voice at STAO and a platform from which to drive positive change and help get students excited about learning science.

One of Prof. Bishay’s main focuses as a teacher and now in his new role is helping students to better understand how science is relevant to their everyday lives. “Taking biology can help you get to know yourself better, while taking physics can help you get to know the world you interact with better,” he says.  “If we can teach it in this way, students will be more prone to take science and not drop it.  If we can infuse a level of excitement and a level of social awareness at the high school level, more students might go into science or at least keep it going in parallel to their other interests.”


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