Reunions on the Court

Friday, March 1, 2013

On Saturday, February 9, a gathering of Tyndale alumni arrived with the express purpose to play their hearts out on the court while teaming up with old friends. The “Varsity Day” consisted of volleyball and basketball which was played by alumni versus current students. The alumni ranged from those having graduated in the 1990’s to those who graduated last year.

The competition was fierce, while both teams enjoyed themselves and displayed their skills to the audience who ate popcorn and cheered for their family and friends. The volleyball game resulted in the students overcoming the alumni by a significant amount, while the opposite occurred in the basketball game, the alumni coming out on top. During the basketball game in the afternoon, the bleachers were full while most of the crowd intently watched the game. Others used the occasion to catch up with friends in the midst of cheering.

After the games were finished, the alumni were given the opportunity to gather for food and fellowship with friends from their days as a student. The strong community was evident even after so many years had passed, and one alumnus stated that they had come “simply to catch up with friends and see where they’re at these days.” Many alumni, whether they now work in aboriginal ministries, teaching positions or as an elementary school principal, continually return to Tyndale, strengthening the ties to the place where they found a spiritual grounding and a strong community that will last a lifetime. 


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