Seminary Student Council Holds Feast of Nations

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In keeping with their year-long theme of Perichoresis, the Seminary Student Council hosted a Feast of Nations in early February. Perichoresis refers to the uniqueness the Father, Son and Holy Spirit maintain while remaining One, and has inspired the Student Council to explore unity in diversity. As such, at the Feast of Nations students were invited to partake in a feast consisting of dishes from various countries from which the student body comes, including India, Italy, Thailand, and many others. The event was an opportunity for seminary students to build community and appreciate the diversity found amongst seminary students. 

Student Council President Mark Groleau welcomed students to the evening by inviting them to explore “Perichoresis through the idea that we are a multiplicity of nations” but one people, just as God is diverse, yet One, in the Trinity. He continued to say that though there is much prejudice in the world, we see that before God, all nations are equal and we can, therefore, find “beauty in diversity”.

Joel Johnson, Cross-Cultural Coordinator, thought the Feast of Nations was a success as it was an opportunity for students, “From many countries and many denominations to learn from each other”. Johnson acts as a resource and an advocate for International Students within the Tyndale community and strives to create an environment that is accepting, hospitable, and sensitive—especially to those students who are new to Canada.

The Student Council puts on similar events once a month to provide opportunities for students to exchange ideas, grow in friendship and mature within a community setting.


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