Serving Children and Youth around the World this Summer

Friday, July 26, 2013

Four Tyndale teams partnered with organizations in Zambia, Alaska, Ireland and India to serve youth and children and gain the experience of a lifetime. Here is a glimpse into the travels of these 23 students.

Team Zambia

Team Zambia partnered with Serving in Mission (SIM) and Scripture Union to help run a National Youth Camp and teach the Bible to children. One night the team experienced seeing God move powerfully through testimonies at an orphanage they visited:

“By the end of the night, everyone – whether on our team or living in the orphanage – had shared something about their life, often with courageous honesty and tears …. It was a very emotional and inspiring night; the highlight of the whole trip….” Read More

Team Alaska

Team Alaska ministered among First Nations youth at Tanalian Bible Camp in the village of Port Alsworth. They were involved in building relationships with youth in the community. One highlight the team experienced was seeing how teaching campers the Gospel brought peace: 

“…what I really want to try to express to you is the pain I felt when that first group of campers left….I just wanted all the first ones to stay with me and to know that they are loved and wanted. But they couldn’t do that…so I prayed. And the lady who runs crafts, Renee, helped me to see that those kids are strong, and they know the Gospel.” Read More

Team Ireland

Currently there is a team in Ireland that is partnering with Faith Mission to conduct local outreach and volunteer in a children’s camp. This team is able to work with children in impoverished areas:

“All in all the first day went smoothly! We got a chance to interact with some children in what would be considered a more poor area of Ireland. [We] got to work with some of the younger leaders who may not necessarily know the Lord….We’re hoping to spend some more time with them and get to know them a bit more.”  Read More

Team India

Team India recently arrived in the city of Kolkata. They’ve partnered with missionaries Stewart and Monique Shaw from Toronto’s Peoples Church and will be reaching out to child addicts and women affected by the sex trade. The trip has begun well as they look forward to serving the vulnerable people of Kolkata:

“Our adventure has just begun! Our Lord is so faithful and his presence is strong amongst the family here. Tomorrow we are meeting the ladies of Jewels in a Crown (mostly ex-prostitutes being led to Christ) and will have our orientation; to add to that list is the trip to the home of the children who we will be working with!” Read More

To read more about missions at Tyndale University College & Seminary visit and click on the Team links.


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