Student Spotlight: Josiah Shelley

Pursuing New Frontiers in Marketing

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

While pursuing his undergrad at the University of Ottawa, Tyndale University College student Josiah Shelley began to see the need for efficiently communicating to an information-overloaded generation. Recognizing that text messaging and social media are increasingly effective means of communication, Josiah founded his own business, Up2Date Communications.

“Texting is a convenient way to get information; right now it’s largely used for personal use. […] I’m introducing the ability to opt in to businesses and receive a text.” Josiah's company allows interested consumers or students opt into the texting programs, which allows companies to contact large audiences with a single text. For example, restaurants might send text deals to frequent customers or universities might text students about weather-related closures, emergencies, or even sports scores.

Josiah transferred to Tyndale's BA in Business Administration to gain a biblical foundation for his understanding of business theory and practices. “[The Bible is] the basis of my life and my business—why wouldn’t I want to learn more about it?”

During his time at Tyndale, Josiah has enjoyed learning business from a Christian perspective. He is also thankful for the opportunity to share his faith when colleagues, clients, or fellow students ask him about Tyndale. In the future, Josiah hopes to complete his MBA and work for a Fortune 500 Company as a Manager.


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