Students participate in Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference

Friday, October 31, 2014

On October 23, 2014, eight Tyndale University College students attended the Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference held in Toronto by the Entrepreneurial Leaders Organization (ELO). The organization aims to serve Christians who are called to the marketplace so they can have exponential impact for kingdom-building purposes. Tyndale’s leadership is involved with ELO – Steve Holmes, Chairman of the Tyndale Board of Governors, President Dr. Gary Nelson and President Emeritus Dr. Brian Stiller are all part of the Advisory Board.

Keynote speakers were Mart Green, Board Chair of Hobby Lobby, and his son Tyler. They spoke about how their family started Hobby Lobby, a chain of retail arts and crafts stores, with a passion to be able to give. Hobby Lobby is considered a leader in the arts and crafts industry. Today, their company is one of the biggest Christian companies in the United States, with 550 stores across the U.S. and approximately $3.5 billion in revenue per year. They donate 50 per cent of all their profits, which equals over $500 million to date, to evangelical Christian causes and educational institutions. They talked about what it meant to run a family business together, how to live, work and give together.

The eight Tyndale Business Administration and Business Administration – International Development students enjoyed participating in the conference. Here are some of their insights:

“This conference provided me with the opportunity to meet Christian business professionals as well as equip me with resources to be in business with Christ successfully.” – Karissa Mullings

“Listening to the wise Christian business professionals at this conference has greatly encouraged me [by showing me] that I can work in a business role and still live out my faith. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow as well as to meet others who are passionate about serving Christ in business.” – Catherine Hopkins

“Business as a mission. A concept you don’t often hear at Tyndale. This conference has been eye-opening and a truly encouraging experience. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to attend the Entrepreneurial Leader Conference.” – Alex Mohandas

“[This conference] has truly encouraged me and empowered me with how much impact business can have for the kingdom of God. It has provided me with clarity and optimism for how my gifts can be used in the future.” – Sylvia Remiz

“It has been so empowering to meet and talk to like-minded business professionals about the integration of business work and Christian missions. As well, it has been great to hear encouragements from people who see potential and the future in us younger people.” – Stacie Mansfield


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