Thank You to Alumni for your Support on Giving Tuesday!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thank You ThursdayThanks to Tyndale alumni, the funding of two new bursaries in honour of retiring faculty is well on its way. This past Giving Tuesday, alumni came together to support students, breaking last year’s alumni giving record on this annual day of giving. At day’s end, over four thousand dollars was added to the combined bursary funds, boosting fundraising efforts.

Once the endowments are fully funded, the Victor & Maureen Shepherd Bursary Fund will go to supporting a Seminary Biblical or Theological Studies student annually. The Prof. Stephen Thomson Legacy Fund will support a University College student studying Biblical Studies annually, enable an annual public symposium on Biblical literacy, and provide faculty mentorship opportunities.

Dr. Shepherd has seen hundreds of students come through Tyndale. In that time, he’s noticed a particular change. He noted that in his day, he was able to attend seminary full time without the stress of financial burden. His education was fully funded, including his residence costs. Today, there are more part-time students that are generally established in years, juggling work and family. “There are several students who have come here at enormous financial sacrifice. Other students have travelled unbelievably long distances,” notes Dr. Shepherd.

Likewise, Prof. Thomson would like to see that students have the resources they need to attain the education necessary for their future, but university tuition is costly for some. “From 29 years of observation, students of the present are as good and godly as ever but need as much help and financial support that can be offered.”

If you haven’t had a chance to participate yet, consider giving to the Prof. Stephen Thomson Legacy Fund or the Victor and Maureen Bursary Fund today. Gifts of $200 or more will receive a limited edition bobblehead-figurine of the respective retiring professor.


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