The Karen Hume Professional Collection Arrives at Tyndale

Friday, January 30, 2015

On Wednesday, January 21, 2014, the Tyndale Libraries introduced the Karen Hume Professional Collection to the Tyndale community.

Karen Hume, author and keynote speaker, donated the Karen Hume Professional Collection to the Tyndale Libraries in August 2014 on the occasion of her retirement from her role as educational consultant. Karen is the author of six professional books for teachers and administrators and four literacy programs for adolescents. In more than 30 years in education, Karen has been a teacher, administrator, system leader, author, keynote speaker and workshop leader. She is also the recipient of three Teacher of the Year awards.

Karen HumeThe collection consists of 435 items, which have been catalogued and housed in the Education Library. This unique collection contains a number of important written works on the topics of differentiated instruction, assessment and emerging technologies. "This collection of up to date resources adds important depth to our education collection with subject matter that is of great interest to our teacher candidates,” says Hugh Rendle, Director of Library Services. “The Tyndale Education Library is pleased to be the new home of the Karen Hume Professional Collection." Hugh Rendle presented the collection with the help of Mark Mueller, Education Librarian (pictured above with Karen Hume).

Karen’s model of differentiated instruction, detailed in her bestselling book Start Where They Are: Differentiation for Success with the Young Adolescent (Pearson Canada, 2008), is a vital part of the conceptual framework of Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education program. “Kids are capable of so much more than we give them credit for,” Karen says. “If we give them the tools and resources that they need, and the recognition of who they are and start where they are, they will amaze us.”

When asked why she decided to donate her collection to Tyndale’s program, Karen describes her own experience upon entering the Bachelor of Education facility. “I was delighted and moved by the energy in this place, by the commitment of the students and the staff, by the friendliness of the people, by the gorgeous facility you have, everything about it. I wanted to know the books would be going somewhere they would be used. Any group that has those characteristics is a place where the books will be used.”

She is hopeful that BEd students will find her collection invaluable in their own work. “I hope that they will just tap into what they need when they need it,” she explains. “I find that in education, after a few years, people just stop reading professional resources and they’re so invaluable. They’re a source of inspiration when you’re feeling really down, they’re a source of hopefulness when you can’t think of a good strategy to use.”

You can find the Karen Hume Professional Collection in the Education Library and on the Tyndale Libraries website.


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