Tuition Free Forward Day

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tyndale University College & Seminary held its first ever Tuition Free Forward Day event on Tuesday, February 26.

Tuition Free Forward Day thanks the students for choosing to study at Tyndale and celebrates the generous donors who financially support Tyndale’s students. 80% of Tyndale’s yearly costs are covered by student tuition and other fees, and the remaining 20% by donors and alumni. There is approximately 20% of the school year remaining and this day symbolically represents how Tyndale’s donors support the institution for the remainder of the year.

“I didn’t even realize how much donations go toward school…the fact that it covers 20% is a lot,” said Ruth, a third year undergrad student. The New Brunswick native went on to explain that if tuition was 20% higher her life might be different. “I am really grateful that they give to help us study here.”

Students, faculty and staff lined up for hot dogs, hamburgers and cake. Students signed thank you cards, left a handprint on a ‘wall of thanks’ and sent video shout-outs to say thanks to the donors who have supported them. There was also a trivia game to test participants’ knowledge of Tyndale’s history.

“This [Tuition Free Forward Day] is a brilliant idea that brings students together and gives students the opportunity to know that Tyndale is interested in everybody’s participation and education,” said Joshua, a fourth year business student.

“I love the fact that people are willing to donate and help us out...Private Christian education is really expensive and having that 20% break is really helpful,” said John, a first year counselling student.

Michelle a second year seminary student commented, “I am really glad that Tyndale had this event.  I think a lot of students were unaware that a lot of our tuition is supported by donations and I didn’t know this before either.” She continued to share that she would like to tell donors, “Thank you, this is a huge blessing!”

Tuition Free Forward Day


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