Tyndale Alumni Help Create the World's Largest QR Code

Thursday, June 28, 2012

It took 8 months of planning, more than 250 people, and 1369 black and white squares to assemble the 22,000 square foot QR code. The giant mosaic was arranged to raise support and awareness of Youth Unlimited (YU) North York programs. More than 120,000 youth live in North York, one third of which live in “priority neighborhoods”. “It was a team effort,” says Jesse James, Tyndale University College alumnus and Willowdale Youth Outreach Worker for YU North York. “We knew we wanted to do something big and something exciting for all of North York.”

Scanned from a helicopter hovering 1000 feet above Esther Shiner Stadium it is, unofficially, the largest QR code ever made. On a windy June 16th, volunteers from Tyndale, local churches, and from all over the GTA had to lie across squares and weigh them down with shoes and cellphones to keep them from blowing away.

Jesse James is one of many Tyndale graduates working for Youth Unlimited in the GTA. He credits Tyndale with preparing him for work in parachurch ministry. “Tyndale encouraged a hard work ethic, critical thinking around my beliefs and what it means to follow Jesus, and it implanted in my heart an appreciation of the history of the people I’m working with. History is really important for these kids; their story is key.”

Tyndale’s Student Life Department has partnered with Jesse to explore a couple of opportunities where the Tyndale community can aid Youth Unlimited North York. “I’m excited to see the investments that people have made through the QR code campaign directly impact these kids’ lives,” says Jesse. “In particular, I am very excited to see this community in North York take seriously our church calling to meet the needs of our neighbours.”

Youth Unlimited Toronto is a grassroots organization that uses creative ways of engaging youth with the message of hope and potential. YU North York has created and is developing several youth-focused programs such as entrepreneurship, art, soccer, basketball, BMX bicycle, and mentoring programs.



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