Tyndale and the Toronto Catholic District School Board finalize moving date

Thursday, June 24, 2010

TORONTO    Subsequent to the acquisition by Tyndale University College & Seminary (Tyndale) of the St. Joseph's Morrow Park property in May 2007, Tyndale has finalized an extension to the existing lease agreement with the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) for its St. Joseph's Morrow Park High School. TCDSB has operated a high school for girls out of Morrow Park for over a quarter century and requested from Tyndale a three-year extension of their lease following its upcoming expiration to assist them in securing their new location. The lease extension ends on June 30, 2013 with a potential further one year extension subject to various conditions being met.

Beginning this fall, as part of the agreement with the TCDSB Tyndale will have the right to use various classrooms and other high school facilities at times that do not conflict with their school curriculum.  By these and other means, Tyndale anticipates increasing its presence at Morrow Park over the next three years while respecting commitments made to the TCDSB regarding its continued use of the school while they transition to new facilities.

This agreement will enable Tyndale to continue growing its student body and program offerings over the next three years in anticipation of requiring larger facilities. The timing of the lease extension will allow Tyndale to occupy the full property soon after the anticipated move by the Sisters of St. Joseph to their new location.  Tyndale is pleased to accommodate the respective needs of the TCDSB and the Sisters of St. Joseph during this transition period.


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