Tyndale Announces Varsity Sports Program for September 2013

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Tyndale University College & Seminary is excited to announce that it will be participating in varsity level athletics in September 2013.

Tyndale’s goal in all things is to help support our students’ development of a vibrant faith, disciplined mind and transformed character. Athletics is a key part of this formation. Tyndale currently has a thriving recreational athletics program which engages approximately 60% of our student body and includes the participation of faculty and staff. Varsity level athletics is the next step in supporting our student athletes in their physical capacity and spiritual growth.

Louizandre Dauphin, Tyndale’s Athletics Director, will be working to grow the program and develop a new level of athlete care. Louizandre believes that student athletes will want to join Tyndale because “a student has an opportunity to take part and contribute to something entirely new, to be part of the ground-breaking foundational work of creating a varsity athletics program which can be a big draw for students. It will demand that they be leaders from the moment they step onto campus and really live by example. Their efforts will be a direct contribution to the reputation of the athletics program here at Tyndale.”

Barry Smith, Vice President Student Services at Tyndale, previously worked as Vice President for Student Life at a Christian university where he led an athletics program involving 14 sports, 270 varsity athletes and which won multiple conference championships. He came to Tyndale believing this is an exciting time for the school, especially given the community that already makes up Tyndale.
As of September 2013 the program will begin with a wrestling team and cross-country running, two sports in which a variety of athletes can be involved. The varsity level athletics program will be open for both undergrad and graduate level students. Canadian varsity athletic rules allow for athletes of any age to compete up to a maximum of five years of participation.

Tyndale University College & Seminary is beginning to recruit students for September 2013 to compete in varsity wrestling and cross-country running.


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