Tyndale Hosts 3rd Annual Biblical Symposium

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Drawing Tyndale students, alumni and members of the community, the Biblical Symposium featured 7 lecturers and their work. The daylong symposium was an opportunity for the Tyndale Community to learn about current research being done in Biblical studies by Tyndale professors and alumni.

The Symposium was jointly organized by Dr. Idestrom, Dr. Kessler and Dr. Scott in an effort to afford students the opportunity to learn more about what professors are researching. “[We] wanted to have a day where we could give students and alumni, who are interested, a chance to get a taste of what we are doing in our research…some of the fresh ideas we are working with”, Dr. Scott said. This was the first year that Tyndale alumni were invited to speak at the Symposium.

Shirley Pun, M.Div. Clinical Counselling (2004), attended the event for enrichment, as she is very interested in Biblical studies. The seminars illustrated, “How God used people with limited faith”, Shirley notes. Pauline, who works in Payroll for a Software company and is a friend of Dr. Idestrom, was challenged and fascinated by the role linguistics plays in helping readers to understand Old Testament narratives. “I’m in awe of people who can bring information together and put the pieces of the puzzle together”, Pauline said.

The Biblical Symposium is quickly becoming an integral part of the relationship between professors and students. “The whole day is an expression of our commitment, as Biblical faculty, to the idea of continuing to ask questions--sometimes difficult and exciting questions,” Dr. Scott said, “And that’s part of how we serve students and the Church at large.”

Listen to some of the lectures that took place




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