Tyndale President and Associate Academic Dean Speak at National Conference

Thursday, November 25, 2010

November 16th-18th, key members of various denominational backgrounds joined in the Hinge Dialogue Conference that encouraged attendees to engage in discussions about the role of missions in ministry. Tyndale University College & Seminary's Dr.Gary Nelson and Dr. Arnold Neufeldt-Fast were among the 8 keynote speakers at the 3-day Hinge Conference in Toronto.

Dr. Neufeldt-Fast, Tyndale Seminary's Associate Academic Dean acknowledged the fear that the terms "Missio Dei" and the "missional church" are being used so broadly today that they can mean anything. Dr. Neufeldt-Fast goes on to explore the issue and suggest that a deficient doctrine of the Trinity lies at the root of the problem, where God's wholeness is defined apart from his mission.

Tyndale's president, Dr. Gary Nelson, focused his discussion on the need for churches in Canada to find their missional voice and not mimic models from the US. Dr. Nelson identified the challenge leaders in ministry are facing as the number of people with a Christian memory is decreasing significantly. He explains that Christians need to be on the forefront engaging people in today’s secular environment. Dr. Gary Nelson delves further into this growing issue in his 2008 book, “Borderland Churches: A Congregation’s Introduction to Missional Living,” inspiring and helping us to allow God to engage us in his mission.

To learn more about the word missional and being a Christian leader today, watch Dr. Gary Nelson’s conversation with David Fitch in the video section of the Office of the President.


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