Tyndale Ranked #1 in Quality of Teaching in Maclean's Magazine

Friday, February 25, 2011

Echoing its results from the 2008 CUSC survey, Tyndale University College was ranked #1 in Maclean's for having the most satisfied students when it comes to the quality of teaching for first-year students. The results were from the Canadian University Survey Consortium’s (CUSC) annual survey of first-year students, published in the March 7, 2011 issue of the magazine. The survey showed that 61% of students strongly agreed that they were “satisfied with the quality of teaching I have received,” with 98% of students agreeing overall.

Furthermore, 98% of students were satisfied with their decision to attend Tyndale, with 63% of students agreeing strongly with the statement. When looking further into the results of the survey, it is clear why students are so satisfied with their choice of university. Along with the quality of teaching, Tyndale students felt their professors are reasonably accessible outside of class, that professors encourage their students to participate, and that Tyndale’s professors treat their students as individuals, not just numbers. 100% of students surveyed were satisfied with the average size of classes at Tyndale.

Outside of the classroom, 94% of students were satisfied with the university-based social activities offered by the student body, with similarly high scores for the various support services offered by the university.

Overall, 94% of first-year university college students surveyed felt that Tyndale met or exceeded their expectations for their university experience. When presented with the results of the survey, Tyndale’s President, Dr. Gary Nelson said, "We believe as a small university, we can offer students a quality of education that is challenging and transformational. It is great to see that students recognize what we are deeply committed to providing. It is even better when they confirm it in surveys such as this."


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