Tyndale Seminary Faculty Update

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Tyndale Seminary faculty members are researching and teaching across a diverse range of academic disciplines. The following are some recent contributions that faculty members have made to their field of research:

Dr. Barbara M. Leung Lai, Professor of Old Testament, had two articles published in early 2015. Her article “I-Voice, Emotion, and Selfhood in Nehemiah” was published in the journal Old Testament Essays and her article “Understanding the Scripture” was published in the journal Chinese Churches for Today.

Dr. Grace Ko, Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies (CCST), taught an Extended Education course on the Pentateuch at Toronto Christian Community Church throughout the month of February 2015. There were over 50 attendees at the course. In March 2015, the publication of Dr. Ko’s book Theodicy in Habakkuk (Paternoster, 2014) was marked with a book launch celebration.

Dr. David Sherbino, Professor of Spirituality and Pastoral Ministry, conducted an eight-week seminar at the Paris Presbyterian Church called “Foundations of Christian Living.” He also conducted research during February 2015 on grief, death and dying in San Antonio, Texas. He was recently certified as a grief recovery specialist by the Recovery Institute of California.

Dr. Michael Krause, Director of the Internship Program and Assistant Professor of Christian Ministry, spoke twice in February 2015:  he spoke at Church at the Mission’s (Yonge Street Mission) anniversary service and he preached at Toronto Simpson Chinese Alliance Church’s Leadership retreat – this talk was titled “Christ in Me: Leading from the Core.” Dr. Krause also gave a lecture titled “Cry Out to the Lord” in March 2015 at the All Nations Southern Baptist Church.

Dr. Victor Shepherd, Professor of Theology, had a book titled The Committed Self: An Introduction to Existentialism for Christians (BPS Books, 2015) published in January 2015. The book’s publication was marked with a book launch celebration in March 2015. Dr. Shepherd spoke twice in November 2014 at Greenville College in Greenville, Illinois. His lecture, “The Holiness of God and the Holines            s of God’s People,” was followed by a sermon in chapel titled “A Word from Mary Magdalene.” In May 2015, Dr. Shepherd will address the American Psychiatric Association at its annual meeting in Toronto. His address is titled “The Role of Faith Communities in the Treatment of Mental Illness.”

Dr. James Pedlar, Assistant Professor of Wesley Studies and Theology, presented a paper at the Wesleyan Theological Society event in March 2015, hosted by Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Mount Vernon, Ohio. His paper, titled “Is there a Wesleyan Charism? Another Approach to the Question of Ecclesial Identity,” provided a fresh approach to this topic by using the concept of “ecclesial charisms” as a way of thinking about Wesleyan identity. The paper builds on arguments advanced in Dr. Pedlar’s forthcoming book Division, Diversity and Unity: A Theology of Ecclesial Charisms (Peter Lang, 2016). Dr. Pedlar also convened the seventh annual Tyndale Wesley Studies Symposium in March 2015. The Symposium featured Dr. Kevin Mannoia of Asuza Pacific University, who is also chair of the Wesleyan Holiness Consortium. Dr. Mannoia challenged participants to think of new ways to teach and foster holy living in the contemporary context.  A number of other scholarly papers were presented, including one by Dr. James T. Robinson (History Instructor at Tyndale) on the topic, “For God, King, and Country: Methodists and Interpreting the War of 1812.”


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