Tyndale Seminary Offers MDiv Major in Pastoral Thanatology

By Tyndale Communications  /  Thursday, February 18, 2021

Two females praying together on a couch

Tyndale recently approved an MDiv Major in Pastoral Thanatology, responding to a strong and growing interest in this specialized training. The study of thanatology explores the grieving process, ethical issues surrounding death and dying, cultural, gender, and societal attitudes towards death, the issues facing both the dying and the bereaved, and the place of ritual and memorialization.

“Many want to learn how to best support people who are grieving personal losses that are prevalent in our broken world” says Dr. David Sherbino. “One of the strongest ways to demonstrate the love of God is being present during these difficult times."

Anyone who works with individuals and families confronting end of life, bereavement, and other issues related to death, grief, and loss will benefit from this program. This can include pastors, counsellors, spiritual directors, chaplains, hospice and palliative care workers, and lay pastoral caregivers.

“It is important to learn how to approach issues of grief and death not only from a therapeutic perspective of both the dying and the bereaved, but from a biblical standpoint,” says Dr. Sherbino. “Our sessional lecturers ensure students have access to spiritual resources and receive the knowledge and skills to care for people in need with empathy and compassion.”

The completion of this degree program can lead to certification with the Canadian Council of Professional Certification Global and the Certified Thanatologist Pastoral Specialist (CTPS) designation.

Interested students can find out more about the MDiv Major in Pastoral Thanatology by visiting the program page. Applications are accepted online, year-round.