Tyndale Students Publish Papers for Ezra Institute of Contemporary Christianity

Friday, March 11, 2011

In an effort to connect with young Christians with an interest in defending their faith, several students from Tyndale University College were asked to publish their work for the Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity; an apologetics organization founded by Pastor and Christian Apologist Joe Boot. “There’s a huge movement in Christian student culture to be informed and better read to defend their faith.” says Director of Development at the Ezra Institute, Nora Nicolas. “We decided to give students an opportunity to showcase their work.”

Asked to submit for the month of January, fourth year philosophy major Kristopher Wilkinson wrote a paper entitled “What By God’s nature Did Spinoza Mean? The Spin of Spinozian Miracles.” The paper is a critique of modern philosopher Baruch Spinoza’s argument against miracles and deals heavily with the issue of pantheistic thought. Kris, who graduates this May, hopes to have more of his work published in the future and continue in graduate studies next year. “I enjoy writing and find it a challenge. There’s no better way to learn a subject than by writing intelligently on the subject and being able to object to it.”

More Tyndale students will have their work featured on the institute’s website this year including graduating philosophy major Aylish Chantler, and third year major Aleshia Johnson. If you would like to view their work, please visit www.ezrainstitute.ca/student-initiative for more information.


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