Tyndale students thank our supporters

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

On Wednesday, February 25, the Tyndale community celebrated the third annual Tuition Free Forward Day. This is the date that represents the end of tuition being paid for by students and the beginning of tuition fees being provided by Tyndale supporters. Without Tyndale’s supporters, students would pay approximately 20 per cent more to attend. On this day, which is 80 per cent of the way through the academic year, Tyndale pauses to make this point to students and the wider Tyndale community. The whole theme is focused on philanthropy.

Among the students enjoying the activities as well as the complimentary lunch, which was graciously provided by ARAMARK Canada, were Kaelynne Franck and I.J. Makan. Kaelynne [BA Biblical Studies & Theology and English 2015] would love to write children’s literature so kids can read books with biblical truths that are woven into an engaging story. Kaelynne is grateful for Tyndale supporters. During her time at Tyndale, she has received the President’s Scholarship and other bursaries. Without the financial aid, prayer and time provided by supporters, she would not be here. To her, supporters are an inspiration and she plans to give back to Tyndale in the future.

I.J. [BA Biblical Studies & Theology and Philosophy 2016], an international student, has been inspired by his professors to pursue graduate studies and become a professor himself. Without the assistance and prayers of supporters, he knows he never would have reached this far. “If I had to pay for the whole tuition, I would have only been here for the first or second year,” he says. His parents used much of their savings to fund his education. Supporters’ financial aid has eased the stress for I.J. and his parents, allowing him to focus on his studies. Supporters make it possible for him to work towards his dream of receiving a PhD.

“How do you even begin to say thank you to a group of people who make the Tyndale experience so amazing for our students?” asks Kevin Kirk, Senior Director, External Relations. “Our supporters, which include donors, alumni, churches and organizations, are incredible people. All we can say is a heartfelt thank you for everything you’re doing and for letting God use you in this way. Your support makes the Tyndale experience possible for so many.” 


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