Tyndale University College Bachelor of Education Convocation

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

On Saturday, May 27, 2017, we celebrated the Spring Convocation of Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education 2015-2016 Cohort! A few thoughts from our graduates are below. Scroll and view the gallery of this special day, and listen to the audio of the convocation address given by Dr. Doug Hayhoe and the Graduating Student Speaker, Joshua Lopes (BEd, 2017).

"[Today means] the end of a successful long road. I chose Tyndale because I loved the idea that it’s Christian. [My experience] has been fantastic, I love the class size, how everything was so personal and the professors were great. I’m already supply teaching and I’m loving it." - Lydia Saad (BEd, 2017)

"I just turned 40. I used to be a graphic and website designer, but I had always wanted to be a teacher. So I went back to school in 2015. It’s pretty exciting. I love Tyndale, it’s a really good school. I liked how it was a small program and the professors got to know us. I’m supply teaching now with the Durham District School Board. I started teaching the day after I got my OCT number." - Kirsty Kernohan (BEd, 2017)

"It’s been a great experience at Tyndale, I really liked how everyone knows one another and the professors know us on a first-name basis. It’s smaller, and I felt like we learned a lot more that way." - Michelle Painter (BEd, 2017)

"Today is an accomplishment because while going through school I was also pregnant and had my son. While raising him, I finished school and teaching. [My cohort and professors were] there helping with school and support. I’m opening my own Christian preschool, where my son [will attend], it’s the education I want for him and there are other families that also want the same education." - Leslie-Ann Thomas (BEd, 2017)

"I’m looking forward to impacting the students I will teach in the future. Tyndale provided us with an arsenal of skills, with everything we need to succeed." - Shundel Francis (BEd, 2017)


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