Tyndale University College Convocation

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Congratulations to all our graduates! We celebrate you and all your accomplishments. Below are some thoughts you shared on this special day about your Tyndale experience. Scroll and view the convocation photo gallery, and listen to the audio of the convocation address by Dr. Barry Smith and the graduating student speaker Conor Sweetman (BA English, 2017).

“Tyndale is incredible for so many reasons, but one of my favourite aspects of my education here has been the mentorship. Because Tyndale is a smaller school, I’ve been able to go into my professor’s offices on so many different occasions, and they’ve given me such a personalized push to excellence.” - Lindsey Wagstaffe (Hon. BA Psychology, 2017)

“Tyndale is very dear to my heart, and it’s been an amazing journey. It’s very sentimental today because I’m going to miss the people here.” - Kristin Mansel (BA Psychology, 2017)

“The professors [at Tyndale] left a good impression. They were always encouraging [and] taught me a lot about maturity and presenting the gospel.” - Marcia Cole (BRE, 2017)

“Educationally [my time at Tyndale] was a really enlightening experience.” - Adison Hernandez (BA Biblical Studies and Theology, BA History and Global Studies, 2017)

“I have so many great memories here. It’s not possible to pick just one.” - Acacia Giannetta (BA Human Services – Early Childhood Education, 2017)

“[Studying here] definitely benefitted me by showing me how faith can integrate into psychology because that’s not something a lot of schools will teach you.” - Caitlin Winger (Hon. BA Psychology, 2017)


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