Tyndale University College & Seminary establishes a New Chair of Pentecostal Studies

Friday, March 4, 2011

The President on behalf of the Board of Governors is pleased to announce the establishment of a new chair at Tyndale, the Kimmerle Chair of Pentecostal Studies. The Chair is possible due to a generous endowment from Mr. Walter Kimmerle, a long-time supporter of Tyndale. His desire is that Canadian Pentecostals—as well those in the Pentecostal movement around the globe—preparing for congregational and public ministry have an understanding of the person and work of the Holy Spirit in their life and ministry.

The Kimmerle Chair of Pentecostal Studies’ main focus will be to provide a specialized focus on Pentecostal theology, history, spirituality, ministry, and the global Pentecostal movement. In addition to teaching, research, and service, the Chair also will offer in-depth instruction and mentoring to students preparing for Pentecostal ministry and service.

Dr. Janet Clark, Senior Vice President, Academic Affairs and Academic Dean of the Seminary is excited about the new opportunities afforded by the Chair: “We feel it is an enormous privilege to participate in educating and equipping Pentecostal students from every background and tradition, from all over the globe. We want to ensure that at Tyndale, all of our students will benefit by having an exposure to the rich contributions of the Pentecostal movement.”


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