Tyndale University Education Equips Undergrad for Teaching Career

Friday, July 4, 2014

Ever since she was three years old, Cherise Taylor [BA 2015] knew she wanted to become a teacher. Growing up in a home daycare run by her mother, Cherise always felt that teaching children was what she needed to do. “I believe there need to be more Christian teachers out in the world,” she says. And now, after finishing her third year at Tyndale University College and completing the final year of her Human Services degree at Seneca College, Cherise is another step closer to achieving her dream.

Cherise first heard about the Toronto District Catholic School Board's summer student program during her first year at Tyndale. Her aunt, who works for the Catholic school board, knew about Cherise’s passion for early childhood education and encouraged her to apply for the summer job. Cherise decided to try it and is now entering her third year in a row as a summer student worker. “After the first summer, I worked on my references and the next year they asked me to stay longer. They call me if a job opens up at different schools. It’s really cool.”

This summer, Cherise is working in Brampton, Ontario at St. Ursula Elementary School in their summer school program. There, she works with Grade 7 and 8 students, teaching literacy and numeracy skills to prepare them for the upcoming school year. Though she enjoys working with this age group, she hopes to teach younger children in the future. “A lot happens in the first years of school,” she says. “Catching them at an early age and getting them excited for learning is very important.”

During her studies at Tyndale, Cherise took a Developmental Psychology course that she believes equipped her for her summer job. The final project involved planning a Sunday school program for children aged three to six. She prepared a lesson based on a passage of Scripture that was then acted out and taught to the rest of the class. Cherise enjoyed the practicality of her courses, and says that she misses the high standards and the supportive environment that Tyndale provided for her.

“I may apply to Tyndale’s Bachelor of Education program after Seneca,” she says about her future plans. “With the practical preparation it will give me, I know it would be worth it.”


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