Tyndale’s Fall 2021 Course Delivery Plan

By Tyndale Communications  /  Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Tyndale front door

Tyndale University continues its preparation for the safe return to campus, and updates will continue to be provided as we are able to do so. The university is committed to the safety of its entire community and will continue to follow the directives of public health officials. As the province is progressing towards its reopening plan, additional opportunities for course delivery are becoming available. Tyndale University is planning for a mix of course delivery formats and other in-person opportunities on campus.

We're preparing for a safe return to campus

Physical Distancing
Self-Monitoring for COVID-19 Symptoms
Rapid Screening
Contact Tracing
Cleaning/Disinfecting High-Touch Surfaces
Washing/Sanitizing Hands Frequently
Reduced Campus Density
Improved Building Ventilation
Support for Students, Staff, and Faculty

Academic Plans

As Tyndale continues to work on its plan and securing approval from Toronto Public Health regarding capacity limits, at this time we cannot advise which delivery mode each course will take, or the room allocation. Here is what can be expected:

  • We are working towards a plan where every student who wishes to attend in-person classes has opportunity to choose at least one in-person course.
  • Every course that will be taught in-person will also be synchronous/livestreamed. Students will choose one format and stick with it. However, if during the semester a student attending in-person needs to self-isolate due to exhibiting COVID–19 symptoms or exposure, they will be able to continue via livestream.
  • At the Seminary, the MTS Modular, MDiv Church and the City and Canadian Chinese School of Theology courses will be prioritized for in-person delivery. Undergraduate Studies priorities for in-person delivery are still being determined.
  • Generally, courses with more than 30 students enrolled will be fully online (either synchronous or asynchronous).
  • Some courses will only be offered asynchronously.
  • BEd Only: Large courses (70+ students) timetabled for Tuesdays running September-November will be taught online and Core courses timetabled for Thursdays and running September-November will be taught in-person, on-campus.
  • In the event that the City of Toronto or Province of Ontario orders a change to public health regulations mandating a campus shut-down, course delivery methods will adjust accordingly.

Residence Reopening

Tyndale’s residence will reopen this fall with a capacity of approximately 70 students. All rooms will be single occupancy. A special bursary has been created for those needing assistance with the additional cost of a single room. Please btai [at] tyndale [dot] ca (subject: Residence%20Bursary%20for%20Single%20Room) (contact Bryan Tai) to explore funding options. Applications for living in residence are now open and can be found at tyndale.ca/residence.

Rapid Screening Protocol

Tyndale University will be implementing a Rapid Screening Protocol this fall. Students, faculty and staff who will be on campus will be required to complete a rapid screen in the comfort of their home and submit the results via an app, prior to travelling to campus. For those regularly coming to campus, screening needs to be completed two times per week.

Adding the Rapid Screening Protocol to the campus reopening plans will enable increased classroom capacity and create opportunity for other in-person student gatherings. This protocol is only for those wishing to access campus. More information about the Rapid Screening Protocol will be sent to those wishing to take courses on campus as the fall semester approaches.

Vaccinations continue to be encouraged but not required for faculty, staff and students. Many questions have been received about whether Tyndale will be requiring vaccinations in order to live in residence. An announcement will be made concerning this no later than July 14.

The Tyndale Experience

When students describe Tyndale University, something that is unanimously referenced is the community experience. Particularly, the relationships that are formed over conversations, meals together and in House competitions. Students also reference access to faculty and the personal interest they take in these interactions. We look forward to once again having these opportunities on campus this fall. Where some interactions may not be possible, due to a mix of in-person and remote learning taking place, technology will continue to support these Tyndale experiences.

More Information

Additional information about campus reopening plans will be posted as it becomes available.