Tyndale's Got Talent and more

Friday, December 5, 2014

This past semester has been full of new exciting events from the University College Student Council along, with some classics such as the Winter Banquet. The council’s vision this year is to intentionally cultivate biblical community and empower students to continually thrive, and the council team believes they have been off to a good start at facilitating that.

The semester started with See You at the Pole, where students across Canada all gathered around their campus flagpoles to pray for their schools, cities and countries. Over 50 students gathered around the flagpole at 7 a.m. to join together and pray. Homecoming was also a wild success and both the University College and Seminary councils joined forces with alumni to help put on Tyndale’s 120-year celebration.

For the first time in Tyndale’s history, the university experienced Tyndale’s Got Talent. Students stayed on campus until 11:30 p.m. to watch their fellow students exhibit various talents including drum solos, robot dancing and stand-up comedy. Students escaped the first snowfall with a Hawaiian-themed coffeehouse that included a hula-hoop contest, limbo and talented performers.

The last event of the year was the traditional Winter Banquet – this year’s theme was “How the Grinch Stole the Banquet”. Students were treated to a delicious sit-down meal and admired beautifully lit Christmas trees decorated in bright Whoville-inspired colours. Students were dressed to the nines and enjoyed fellowship around large tables full of friends and reminiscent memories of the exciting semester that has all but flown by.

With the semester wrapping up and final papers and exams becoming a faint memory, students are looking forward to Christmas break and the upcoming winter semester. The UC Student Council’s plans for next semester include the much-loved coffeehouses and open mic nights, along with the beloved AirBandz and Spring Banquet events. Students can look forward to more events to showcase their talents – at AirBandz students can form their own bands and perform musical numbers. We are also planning on hosting a university-wide event. In addition, the council is working closely with Dr. Barry Smith, Senior Vice President Academic and Dean of the University College and Dr. Gary Nelson, President of Tyndale University College & Seminary, to see how current students can experience the new campus.

The UC Student Council aims to do everything with excellence and to do everything with vision and for the glory of God this upcoming semester. The council is looking forward to ending this year well and passing the torch to new upcoming leaders of Tyndale. They look forward to setting an example for the new leaders who will be paving the way to the new Bayview campus. It has been an incredible semester and the council is excited for another amazing semester full of unexpected challenges and continual growth doing all things for the glory of God. 


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